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What My Clients Say

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“Derrick’s outlook on web design and new media can inspire anyone! He is a absolute joy to work with. Always searching for a faster and better way to do anything, his well rounded skills would fit any web development team.” Cody Staley
"I'm so glad that Derrick helped me to design my new website. I'm impressed with his result. He is very knowledgeable with myRealPage and has a good sense of aesthetic. My investment into a custom website is money well-spent. I'd recommend Derrick to anyone who needs to build a new real estate website." Christina Nguyen - (Home For Sale Vancouver)
When I first began my journey to www.momntoes.com, I tried to go through a “drag and drop” website builder. I thought it was going to be fun and easy enough. Instead, I found it confusing and I let my goal of building a website go by the wayside. I found dottDesign and Derrick came to my emotional rescue. He did all the hard work  and I got my website. I was included in the process, which was important to me. I was able to reclaim my joy and excitement that I wanted to experience in building this site. I would highly recommend Derrick and dottDesign to help in setting up a blog, family site, a new business on the internet or anything else web related! Jill Glennie
“Derrick is an outstanding student. He is a self learner and a self motivated person. He is always positive, smiling and mingling with his classmates and sharing his knowledge with them. He was always in time, finishing all his assignments and project to the highest quality. He is well spoken and a listens well to instructions and apply them. overall, I think he is a great asset to any graphic design or new media team. I would highly recommend him for.”   Mak Abdel-Hai - Motion Graphics / Flash / PhotoShop instructor, British Columbia Institute of Technology
"Derrick is exceptionally knowledgeable and creative - whatever he creates works. He listens and carefully crafts an outcome that's better than expected. I highly recommend Derrick."   Sharon deLisser – ABR, SRES (CoList.com)