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12 Free Dashboard UI Mockups: Graphs, Diagrams, Charts and Functional Widgets

Admin panels are one of the bare necessities of modern web sites. Yet, as they are only seen by very few people, designers tend to not put too much effort into them. This is perfectly understandable, while at the same time too narrowly considered. The customer who will have to work with these panels for years to come will be much more likely to stay satisfied if you provide him with a dashboard, that is both beautiful and easy to handle. Keep in mind, that getting existing customers to place the next order is much easier than the acquisition of new ones. So, let’s do something to better your customer relationship. The so-called “backend” is going to be today’s topic. We have collected 20 of the best free resources we were able to find…

This collection is an overview of free properly-executed neatly-organized pixel-perfect dashboard psd templates that skillfully present different functional areas and widgets. Coming with various integral features such as graphs, line charts, donut charts, tables, stats and much more, they can be easily transformed into working projects with the help of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and of course, several helpful frameworks such as Bootstrap, or you can just simply leverage constituent elements from it in order to mockup your own design.


Favo Dashboard

Favo Dashboard (83 downloads)

Dashboard PSD

Dashboard PSD (89 downloads)

Dashboard UI

20-dashboard-ui-mockups-july-2014-dashboard2 Dashboard UI (109 downloads)

Admin Panel

free-admin-panel-template-large Admin Panel (85 downloads)

Dark Dasboard UI

20-dashboard-ui-mockups-july-2014-dark Dark Dashboard (89 downloads)

Sanctions GUI PSD Dashboard

Sanctions GUI PSD Dashboard (117 downloads)


Dashboard (82 downloads)

Analytics Dashboard

20-dashboard-ui-mockups-july-2014-analytics Analytics Dashboard (85 downloads)

Circle Diagram

Circles Free (89 downloads)

Piggy Balance

Piggy Balance (81 downloads)

UI Freebie

20-dashboard-ui-mockups-july-2014-ui21 UI Freebie (87 downloads)


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