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Who is Derrick Ottenbreit and what is dottDesign you ask?

Well dottDesign is simple really, the first letter of my first name “D” and the first three letters of my last name “ott” which gives you dott and design well there is really no need to explain that is there?!

Not everybody will read this but for those who do, I will try to keep it light an interesting. So lets start off with about the time of high school grade twelve, yes I am going back that far but not for long. Anyway, I had always been interested in arts, whether it was drawing, painting, sculpting or cooking, yes cooking is an art form but I wont go into why I believe it is.

I had always taken as many cooking classes in high school right from the get go. During my final year in high school I was working away in the daily culinary arts class, which we also shared with the local university as it was an industrial kitchen, when my instructor and the university instructor pulled me into the office. Being a quiet person, I wasn’t sure what this was about as I don’t usually cause trouble so I joined them for a meeting. Long story short, I was asked if I wanted to join the University Cooking program while I was finishing grade twelve as I was in the culinary arts class just as much as the university students were. Needles to say I was ecstatic and happily started.

Cooking was my life for the next 10 years. I moved around restaurants a lot as I had high expectations for myself and nowhere seemed to cut it for me. Fast forwarding to the final year of my cooking days, I was becoming frustrated and not enjoying anything about going to work so I started to look into what I could do with my life as this was all I knew. A lengthy career path meeting at Vancouver Art Institute pushed me into the direction of Graphic Design & Web Development. So I took the leap and started school at B.C.I.T.

Another year passes and I am now graduating from B.C.I.T in the top of my class happy happy times, but now I need to find a job! A friend of my wife’s husband had just started a web design & development company called deBruyn Design & Marketing which was aimed towards realtors building websites on a few local CMS and wordpress. At first I was a little worried as the position he asked if I wanted was for a project manager and I really wanted to design, but I took it as it was a job and I felt I could definitely learn from him. I also wanted to start small and with only 3 of us in the company it was a great introduction into what I was getting into.

After a few months and the loss of our developer, I became the lead developer focusing on HTML, CSS and trouble-shooting php & javascript that I had no idea what it did. After reading, testing, breaking, debugging and fixing I found myself understanding programming, not that this was what I still wanted to do yet. I eventually started really enjoying the difficulties of programming and watching the designers always have to change their design to match exactly what the client wanted, as a day to day task I found programming to be more back or with with very little input needed from clients.

I stayed with deBruyn Design & Marketing for just about two and a half years until the owner sold the company to a fairly recent hire who worked with the sales of the projects. I was the only developer at this point so I moved along with the sale to the new owner and this turned into FourCross Marketing. Once the sale was final the new owner started hiring new staff to build what was a flourishing small business. We had accumulated new designers, sales staff and eventually a new developer and business was good.

Another year and a half had now gone by and we are working at a steady pace. I have now worked on over 200 websites with the two companies and VERY comfortable programming, in fact so comfortable I was confident I could teach others how to use the tools we had and start to set up procedures for new websites build on the CMS systems.

I am now just putting along trying to find a steady groove of work and freelance to keep my developer and creative side happy.

The owner of FourCross Marketing was approached and after a long few months we were to start working as a contract for myRealPage, the very company we were building some of these realtor websites on. After re-branding, building a new website for their company, FourCross Marketing has finally become apart of myRealPage.

This brings us to today! I have now been with myRealPage for a few months, and I LOVE IT. I started as a developer with building some of the new website themes/templates but I am now apart of the support staff with the main goal of building out a database of articles on how to use the myRealPage CMS, an F.A.Q if you will. Over the next few months I will be diving into the small crevasses of the system and writing detailed “how-to” articles for every aspect.